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Ideally located in the heart of Brussels and the European institutions, and with 30 years of long professional experience, Mister Light is today one of the leaders in the Belgian and international interpreting market. Our interpreters are qualified and highly experienced in a wide range of fields.


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We offer our customers comprehensive solutions including interpreters selected according to their experience in the various fields of activity of our customers:

  • Economical
  • Political
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Legal
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

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The expression ‘simultaneous translation’ is often wrongfully used when referring, in reality, to simultaneous interpreting. Indeed, the word “translation” only refers to written documents. Contrary to translators who work on written documents, interpreters work orally and must transmit as fast and accurately as possible what the speaker is saying, in conformity with the original message.



The interpreters work in sound-proof booths, equipped with an audio system and simultaneously translate speakers' and participants' interventions, usually in their mother tongue.


This form of simultaneous interpreting is intended for a limited number of people in close proximity. The interpreter is in the room and interprets in whispers, directly into the ears of the participants thanks to headphones and a mobile transmitter.


The interpreter is in the same room, among the audience or on stage, listening to the speaker’s speech and taking notes in order to reproduces all or part of the speech in the language of the participants. This form of interpreting involves pauses by the speaker and has the disadvantage of prolonging the meeting or conference.


Technically, simultaneous interpreting requires the intervention of specialised technicians who are responsible for the installation and proper functioning of several elements. Of which the most important are: one or more interpreting booths, a transmission system and a set of individual receivers.

We carefully select the most suitable interpreters according to your specific requirements and needs (language – subject – place – schedule).

We take care of communication between the organisers and our interpreters. We ensure the handover of all documentation necessary for the interpreters' preparation (powerpoint presentation, texts, agenda, etc.).

We can take care of the entire technical side of the conference: simultaneous interpretation equipment - sound system - audiovisual - voting system, etc.

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