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With 30 years of professional experience, MISTER LIGHT NV has worked his way up to become an important player on the Belgian and international interpreting market. Headquartered at the heart of Brussels and in the immediate neighbourhood of the European Institutions, Mister Light is currently considered to be one of the indisputable market leaders. All our interpreters are highly experienced experts in a broad variety of subjects, in whatever language combination that may be required by today’s market.


Our clients

We offer our customers comprehensive solutions including interpreters selected according to their experience in the various fields of activity of our customers:

  • Economical
  • Political
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Legal
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetical

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The expression ‘simultaneous translation’ is often wrongfully used when referring, in reality, to simultaneous interpreting. Indeed, the word “translation” only refers to written documents. Contrary to translators who work on written documents, interpreters work orally and must transmit as fast and accurately as possible what the speaker is saying, in conformity with the original message.



The interpreters work in sound-proof booths, equipped with an audio system, converting simultaneously the words of the speaker into the other language, usually their mother tongue.


This form of simultaneous interpreting is used for a limited number of people sitting close to each other. The interpreter is in the same room and interprets in whispering mode, directly into the participants’ ears or using a mobile transmission device for a larger number of participants.


The interpreter is in the same room, among the audience or on stage, listening to the speaker’s speech and taking notes in order to pass on the information orally per topic or per sentence into the language of the audience. A distinctive feature of this method is that the speaker must incorporate regular breaks in his speech to allow for the interpretation, often with the inconvenience of the meeting or conference needing more time.


Technically speaking, simultaneous interpreting requires the presence of specialized engineers to take care of the installation and smooth operation of multiple technical devices, in particular one or more interpreting booths equipped with interpreting devices, a transmission system and a set of individual receivers, always in conformity with the technical ISO4043 standards.

We carefully select the most suitable interpreters according to your specific requirements and needs (language – subject – place – schedule).

We then take care of the necessary communication between the event organisers and our interpreters (documents, agenda, …) both prior to and during the event.

We can also provide complete technical support for the conference: the equipment for simultaneous interpreting – the audio system – audio visual – voting systems - projection on large screen – as well as many other facilities.

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